How To Capture Great Imagery For YouTube Videos 

Online videos are very engaging, and YouTube is the best platform to upload, share, and make money through videos. But you don’t want your videos to gather dust. Instead, you want your videos to become popular or go viral. You can squeeze the best benefits of video content marketing by capturing great imagery for your YouTube videos, and that’s what you’ll learn on this post.  

Step 1: Invest in Good Quality Vlogging Cameras  

Video blogging requires excellent imagery, and vlogging cameras are your best tool to achieve this goal. However, you would need more than a built-in camera on your smartphone or laptop, or a basic standalone webcam. If you want quality video production that will get noticed, you need to invest in a good quality standalone camera to keep your content fresh, unique, and captivating. 

Here are some tips when choosing a great camera for your YouTube videos: 

  • It’s important to know your needs based on the type of video you want to achieve. Do you need a tripod, enhanced audio, or a low-light recording camera? Take time to think about how you want to use videos to enhance your blog before looking for a camera that best matches your needs. 
  • Choose a digital single-lens reflex camera or a DSLR camera that offers the best versatility for capturing both photos and videos, which is a fantastic way to blend still photography, blogging, and vlogging, working with various multimedia content. 
  • Action cameras are perfect for bloggers who want to do video blogging on the move. You can easily capture your adventures or put your audience in the first-person point of view. 
  • For newbies, choose a simple and affordable camera, and you can invest in more expensive equipment later as you gain experience and decide to continue your passion to the next level.

Step 2: Use Your Smartphone  

While still saving to buy your DSLR camera, you can use your smartphone for the meantime to record videos quickly or effortlessly. Just a little practice and you can start recording great footage, videos for your fashion blog or gadget YouTube vlog channel, or even record a documentary or indie film using your smartphone. 

Here are some tips for recording great videos using your smartphone:  

  • Avoid having two black vertical bars on both sides of your YouTube videos by using a landscape orientation while recording instead of the portrait version. So, don’t hold your smartphone vertically while recording to avoid those vertical black bars. 
  • For framing, fill the frame of your phone with your subject by putting them slightly off-center. It will create a more appealing or visually interesting scene. 
  • Get closer to the subject instead of zooming while recording, so the vivid quality and crisp features you want for your videos are preserved.  
  • Find another light source (such as a jukebox or neon sign) when recording videos at night because smartphones have LED lights that can easily skew a photo or video color temperature, aside from being too bright.  
  • Avoid backlit-settings because the output footage will have bright lights haloing dark figures, which might miss what you want to capture. Move to one side or another to improve a backlit situation.  

Step 3: Do Intense Video Editing  

To wow your viewers with your YouTube videos, you can use fancy desktop software to edit videos. You can also directly edit, from basic trimming and adding transitions, to working with effects, and placing titles, using mobile apps on your smartphone.  

Here are some video editing apps you can use from: 

  • iMovie 

    It’s an Apple app for the iPad and iPhone, which includes titles, split screen, slow motions, picture-in-picture, and transitions, supporting the creation of theatrical trailers on-the-go.  

  • LumaFusion

    This video editing tool is for the iPad Pro. 

  • Pinnacle Studio, Videon, Magisto, and Premiere Rush app (Adobe) 

    These are powerful video editing tools with many features similar to the Premiere Pro, allowing you to export the results to desktop software and refine your YouTube videos with greater control. 

Step 4: Capture Great Imagery for YouTube Marketing 

It’s common sense to avoid overdoing advertising using your YouTube channel because viewers generally hate ads. If you want to capture great imagery for YouTube marketing, use the product you want to promote while you’re on the go. For instance, wearing your favorite brand of a smartwatch while jogging or during a workout is much better than actually showing it to your audience and explaining the endless features one by one. 


By following the tips and suggestions mentioned above, you’ll capture good quality videos for your YouTube channel or vlogging. It’s a smart idea to invest in high-quality vlogging cameras, like a DSLR. In the meantime, newbies can use a smartphone and apply the tricks here to get started with vlogging. Remember that the quality of your YouTube videos spells the difference between a channel that sells and one that doesn’t.