How to Take Amazing Headshot Photography for Your Art Show   

Artists need to showcase their talent if they want to propel their art career to success. As an artist, you can start by organizing art shows here and there to attract a following. Showcasing your art in your own art show can be quite a breathtaking experience. Your friends, family, and other people will be coming over to see your talent and the hard work you’ve put into creating your art pieces.

As art shows are special events, you’ve got to do some form of marketing to make sure you get your well-deserved exposure and recognition. Part of this is making sure that you, the artist, are made known to your audience, especially to your potential clients. One of the things you can do to achieve this is to get amazing headshots for display.  

It might help to understand just why headshots matter to a lot of people in the first place. Headshots can actually contribute to your marketing in a potentially huge way. Your headshot – especially as an artist – is one way for people to see your personal “style” and “flair.” This is also why it is recommended that your headshot is consistent with your branding and art. Think of it as a creative accessory to your resume.  

Headshot Photography: Taking It for Your Art Show 

One of the many ways you can actually generate appeal to both potential clients and fans is through awesome headshots, which you or a headshot photographer can achieve. What’s interesting is that a lot of photography techniques are actually applicable not just for art shows but also in creating aesthetic headshots in general. 

Here’s how to take amazing headshot photography for your art show, with or without the help of a professional photographer. 

  • Don’t make the idea complicated

    Before anything else, always remember that you shouldn’t make the overall theme of your headshot complicated. It’s supposed to represent you as an artist, and you should make your art do the representing for you. As such, your headshot photo should be simple and straight to the point. Choose clothes that complement your skin, and have a backdrop that is simple and easy to the eyes. This ensures that all the focus is directed on you.  

  • Don’t forget about your art show theme 

    Don’t forget to make a headshot that is aligned with the theme of your art show. For instance, if your art show is about animals, your headshot can also feature some form of animal print or animal accessory, such as cat ears. However, do not overshadow your artwork by being an artwork yourself. The point is to give the impression that you’re in control of your medium and your theme.  

  • Put on clean, simple, but professional-looking clothes 

    Even if you have a theme to work with, make sure your clothes don’t get the attention away from your face. Check that your clothes don’t have stains or wrinkles and are neat – if you aspire a messy look, still make sure that you are excellently styled.  Unless you are a big name in the industry already, don’t take too much liberty with your outfit. Your clothes are supposed to make your face noticeable and memorable, not the other way around. Make sure you comb your hair neatly too, so it helps emphasize your face.  

  • Headshots should look professional 

    Yes, you are an artist, and you probably would want your photo to stand out from other exhibitors, if there are any. However, you are marketing yourself, so make sure your headshot is professional looking. Do not over-decorate yourself in your headshot. The way you present yourself in the photo should represent the real you.  

  • Make lighting work for you

    If you know how your face or body “works” in photos and what looks good in front of the camera, try to manipulate your lighting to show off your pretty sides and angles properly. Make sure your face gets substantial exposure so that people won’t forget how you look like. It’s such a shame if exhibit goers don’t get to identify you when they want to comment about your work, right? 

  • Pose for your future 

    While the default headshot pose is a sideways body with the head facing the camera, try to experiment which poses make you stand out… but not too much. Remember the key here is to still look professional, even if you want to project your artistic flair. Try to give a “tease” of your artistic talent by emphasizing your face but with a more unique and a bit dramatic of a pose. You can even have a signature pose for your brand. 

The Takeaway: Headshots for Your Art Show to Exhibit Flair 

If you want your art show to showcase your art to its fullest, it’s got to start with you, the artist. This is especially true if you plan on using the art show to propel your career. You’ve got to make sure everything down to your headshots are carefully planned and executed. After all, artists bank on practicality and creativity in the business, which means these have to be reflected in your headshot, too.