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This game fish belonging to the Carangidae family is found most prominently in the warmer parts of the Pacific and Atlantic.

Blackfin Tuna

Diving deeper into the blues will introduce you to this oval-shaped fish with black backs. The yellow finlets and sides make for a beautiful sight.


The dorsal-finned dark brown fish has distinct coloring in their younger days. Watch out for the spawn and the larvae.

Peacock Bass

This predatory freshwater fish is a genus of large cichlids and is native to the Orinoco basins and the Amazon.


Watch the enhanced look of the crimson fishes through the captured elements with the red lens.

Sea Lion

Touch the cute ear flaps and thick hair of the pinnipeds dabbling in the water to get closer to their world of love.

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Open the doors to a world of vivid colors and magical lives to view the blue in its truest form through the eyes of this spectacular photographer.

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  • "To swim through the waters was a challenge, but to have those memories captured so beautifully is a great way to cherish what I experienced."

    Joshua J. Ortiz


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