About Tony

Tony Ludovico, as a teenager, was introduced to the world of water and fishing by his Uncle. As his first kingfish was hooked to his line, likewise, Tony was hooked to the sea. He fell in love with the water and all it had to offer. Later on, in 1979, Tony embarked on another ocean sport, scuba diving. He jumped right in and quickly learned the art of scuba diving, spear fishing, and free diving. Tony took his diving skills to the next level and introduced videography into the underwater world. He had a desire to capture and reveal the natural beauty of the underwater world, which few people had the opportunity to experience. This aspiration compelled him to fully develop and perfect his videography skills.

Tony spent the next couple of years traveling to different parts of the globe in an effort to hone his videography skills. As a result, Tony compiled and sold his first video, “Spear Fishing the Palm Beaches”, in 2001. It quickly became the number one spear fishing video in the marketplace. Over the next several years Tony gained a reputation for his incredible video footage, the likes the film industry had not seen before. His videos are seen on numerous fishing shows, the National Geographic channel, the Discovery channel, and countless local and regional television shows.

The next challenge for Tony was capturing the same quality imagery in still photography. When he defeated the challenge, his photography was immediately received with the highest of accolades. For the past five years, Tony has created a series of fine art limited editions portraying his greatest images. These fine art limited edition Giclees have been made available on his web site, in several fine art galleries, and at numerous major boat shows.

Tony has received several national awards and honors celebrating his beautiful work. They also celebrate his strong commitment to the education, preservation, and the ongoing exploration for information pertaining to the vast community of life under the seas.

Tony possesses a great passion, love, and respect for the ocean, and he wants to share this with others through his work. With every click of his camera he is changing and impacting the world of photography. He is always looking through the lens to capture the next breath-taking shot!